OneSails Optimist Main P1 – Light (<32Kg)


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OneSails has a comprehensive approach to its environmental responsibility.  Our sails have been engineered to the highest standards in terms of environmental
impact and recyclable options.  When sails reach the end of their useful life, we make it easy for you to send them to us for reuse or recycling in environmentally
responsible ways.

7 laser cut broadseams:

all OneSails Optimist mainsails are laser cut on computer controlled plotters guaranteeing the most accurate cutting and assembly of the sail.
The 7 broadseams are carefully positioned to ensure the ultimate control of the flying shape in every part of the sail.
Special sailcloth:
the sailcloth itself is the core ingredient that provides superior performance and durability.  OneSails exclusively uses a unique super stable Dacron cloth with fine yarns, a tight weave and a special polyurethane coating which provides a hard layer to stabilize the yarns.  This ensures that the sail is not only very stable but still allows it to be trimmed to perfection across a wide range of conditions on the modern racing Optimist rig.